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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to copy the flippy mod?

Disclaimer: This is no way in other form of copying the Flippy Mod, The flippy mod happened to be made while we were on planning phase. (P.S if you're the Flippy dev please contact us devs through DMs if you have a problem about this.

Is there a flippy mod for Happy Tree Friends?

In this mod, you’ll once again see Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, but with a twist, he is very mad and evil! As the title of the game says, you’ll be seeing the flipped out version of Flippy! There is a single track featured that is called Hiding.

Can you play FNF vs Flippy flipped out unblocked?

Yes you can, you just have to defeat him in the song, as you have done this many times before in FNF games! Just be in perfect sync with the songs without missing a beat. Best of luck to you and have a fun time! More Info: Play FNF vs Flippy Flipped Out unblocked at Y9 Games.

Is Flippy flipped out any good?

Go Download Flippy:Flipped Out! First here Idle animation looks a little janky but the knife spin and the light from the walkie-talkie are pretty cool. The jacket looks low quality like it's blurry or something. 6/10 Decent reskin

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