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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of the book flipped?

Flipped Summary. "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen tells the story of two youngsters whose diverse views of their relationship evolve over many years until those perspectives are "flipped.". The story begins when seven-year-old Bryce Loski moves into a new house across the street from the Bakers.

Who is the protagonist in the book flipped?

Bryce Loski is one of the main fictional characters in the book "Flipped". Ever since he moved into a neighborhood, a fellow neighbor named Juli Baker has had a crush on him.

Who are the main characters in the book flipped?

The book Flipped is based around the lives of the two main characters, Bryce Loski and Julianna Baker, Juli for short. It all started out when Bryce moved in across from Juli and Juli wanted a new friend so she went over to Bryce's house and she grabbed his hand and she fell in love with him. As the years went bye Juli still had a crush on Bryce.

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