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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interesting facts about flies?

Interesting Facts about Flies are as follows: Fact 1 - Definition: Flies are two-winged insects that have short and streamlined bodies and are part of the Order Diptera Fact 2 - Types of flies include the house fly, flesh fly, mosquitoes, horsefly, botflies, robber fly, tachina fly, testse fly and the black fly

What are flies good for?

Flies don't offer the environment anything, they are part of the environment. But flies do serve some very good purposes. They eat decaying matter, and they lay their eggs in decaying matter so they will eat it when they hatch. So they help clean up the environment they live in.

What do flies like to eat?

Flies eat animal feces and decaying matter, including rotten fruits, vegetables and meats. Flies can only ingest food when it is in a liquid form.

How do you control flies?

Here's how to keep flies from breeding in or near your home. Clean up all pet and animal feces promptly. Dispose of kitchen scraps and other organic waste properly. If you save kitchen waste for your compost heap, add some sawdust to your scrap bin to help absorb moisture and odors that might attract flies.

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