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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells Fleetguard filters?

Keep your truck running clean with Fleetguard filtration products from Pure Diesel Power. Pure Diesel Power specializes in the best components to enhance the power and performance of your truck, making Fleetguard the logical choice for filtration.

Where to buy Fleetguard filters?

Since Fleetgard is an after market brand any truck dealer may carry them. Try a Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer, or a Ford commercial truck dealer. D

Who carries Fleetguard filters?

Marine Diesel Parts carries a full line of Fleetguard Filters and Parts. Please call us, at 508-997-1805 to speak directly to one of our Fleetguard filter experts so that you can find the right part for your boat engine. Or simply fill out our BOAT ENGINE PART REQUEST

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