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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Fleet Week in the Bay Area?

Fleet Week San Francisco is an annual event that draws thousands of people into the city. It's a free event in the Fisherman's Wharf district that features the Blue Angles, a full air show over the SF Bay, and ship tours all weekend long. This year, Fleet Week is October 1 - 8, 2018.

When is Navy Fleet Week?

March 5, 2018. Fleet Week and Navy Week are both public outreach events intended to bring community and military together, but with different cities and schedules. Generally, Navy Week locations are hosted in cities that do not have as large a Navy presence as Fleet Week cities with the intention of sharing the importance of a strong Navy.

What is fleet weekend?

Fleet Week. Fleet Week is a United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and United States Coast Guard tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock in a variety of major cities for one week. Once the ships dock, the crews can enter the city and visit its tourist attractions.

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