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Frequently Asked Questions

Who purchased Flagstar Bank?

Flagstar lending business acquired by Phillie bank. Flagstar Bank's New England commercial lending business has been acquired by Customers Bank, a suburban Philadelphia bank led by a former Sovereign Bank CEO.

Who owns Flagstar Bank?

Flagstar Bank is headquartered in Troy, Michigan and is owned by parent company, Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: FBC). Flagstar provides mortgages nationally through retail and wholesale divisions and services mortgages as well.

Where is Flagstar Bank located?

Flagstar Bank was established on May 20, 1987. Headquartered in Troy, MI, it has assets in the amount of $12,075,669,000. Its customers are served from 100 locations. Deposits in Flagstar Bank are insured by FDIC.

What is Flagstar routing number?

Flagstar Bank's routing number (the leftmost number on the bottom of a check) is 272471399.

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