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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the flag of Lebanon look like?

The flag of Lebanon is formed of two flat red bands enveloping a horizontal white color stripe. The white color stripe is twice the height of the red ones forming the ratio of 1:2:1. This makes a Spanish fess.

How many stripes are there on the Lebanese flag?

Construction sheet. According to the Article 5 of the constitution of Lebanon: "The Lebanese flag shall be composed of three horizontal stripes, a white stripe between two red ones. The width of the white stripe shall be equal to that of both red stripes.

Why is there a cedar tree on the Lebanese flag?

In the flag of Lebanon, cedar tree was designed on the white central band of the French Tricolor, though earlier it had been inscribed on a plain flag carried by Christian crowds in the Lebanese Legion during World War I. In initial historic times cedars of Lebanon were abundant throughout the area.

What is the size of the white stripe on the flag?

The white stripe is twice the height (width) of the red ones (ratio 1:2:1)—a Spanish fess. The green cedar (Lebanon Cedar) in the middle touches each of the red stripes and its width is one third of the width of the flag.

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