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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an online version of Fix-It Felix Jr?

Online version of Fix-It Felix Jr. for SEGA Genesis. Fix-It Felix, Jr. is a platformer game in the Wreck-It Ralph movie universe. It was created by fictional arcade game company TobiKomi. Several versions of the game were released: two online versions, an Apple iPod/iPad/iPhone app, and a promotional arcade cabinet.

Who is fix-it Felix in Wreck-It Ralph?

Fix-It Felix Jr. is the tritagonist of Disney 's 2012 animated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph. He is the benevolent star of the classic arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr., in which he serves as Niceland 's resident handyman and the "nemesis" of Wreck-It Ralph. With his trusty magic hammer, Felix has the ability to fix...

What does Felix do in fix-it Felix at Litwak's arcade?

In Fix-It Felix Jr. at Litwak's Arcade, Felix must repair the town's apartment building from the wrath of a hulking man named Wreck-It Ralph, using a magic hammer gifted to him by his father. The game sees Felix scaling the building while repairing windows and avoiding obstacles in the form of Ralph's bricks and flying ducks.

Does Mario look like Wreck-It Ralph or fix-it Felix?

While he looks very similar to his video game counterpart, a few subtle differences to his face have been made for his transition to the big screen. Some on social media are saying that Mario's look is giving them Fix-It Felix vibes, referring to the video game hero from Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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