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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Fix It Felix Jr?

This game is similar to classic arcade games like Donkey Kong. In this game, you'll play as Fix It Felix Jr. Travel up the building fixing windows Wreck-it Ralph is breaking. Too pass the level you'll have to fix all windows while avoiding objects that are coming at you. Game Controls: Enter Key = Start Game. Arrow Keys = Move.

Who created fix-it Felix Jr?

It was created by TobiKomi . Several versions of the game were released: two online versions, two Apple iOS app versions, a Basic Fun mini-arcade and a promotional arcade cabinet. "Fix-It Felix, Jr. was one of the most popular 2D platform games ever made.

Where does fix-it Felix take place?

The game takes place in Niceland, a quaint town inhabited by numerous, pint-sized NPCs called the Nicelanders . Developed by the fictional Japanese company, Tobikomi, Fix-It Felix Jr. is one of the oldest games in Litwak's, as the cabinet began operating back in 1982 (thirty years prior to 2012 ).

Is fix-it Felix based on Donkey Kong?

Trivia 1 The game appears to be based on Nintendo's iconic 1981 platformer game Donkey Kong , with the characters Ralph and Felix resembling Donkey Kong and Mario, respectively. 2 The title Fix-It Felix, Jr. ... 3 The gameplay also has elements resembling the platformer games Ice Climber (1985) and Rampage (1986). More items...

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