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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of fishery management?

Fishery management is ultimately a political process and decisions concerning allocation of fishery resources often engender intense debates as noted in seeFishery Management, Human Dimension. These debates are often set within the context of differing perspectives on fishing rights and privileges.

What are the three pillars of fisheries management?

There are three pillars of fisheries management: Science: our rigorous, peer-reviewed process provides fishery managers with the information necessary to manage the long-term sustainability of U.S. fisheries. Management: the science-based process ensures continuous improvement of fishery management plans in response to new information.

How can we manage fishery resources more sustainably?

Since ultimately the goal is to manage a stock appropriately, it is possible to delegate some management elements to a more local scale, while insuring that the collective impact on the fishery resource is sustainable. Management institutions-local, regional, national, or international-require supporting infrastructure.

What are the types of management institutions in fishing?

Management institutions can be either formal, such as those established by law, or informal, such as nonlegally binding arrangements. The latter were common in villages or communities that influenced fishing practices of their members, helping to conserve fishery resources within their sphere of influence.

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