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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision of National Fisheries Policy 2020?

The vision of the National Fisheries Policy 2020 is to develop an ecologically healthy, economically viable and socially inclusive fisheries sector. Another vision of the policy is to provide food & nutritional security to the country in a sustainable manner.

How many marine fish land in India in 2019?

The estimate of marine fish landings in India for the year 2019 is 3.56 million tonnes compared to 3.49 million tonnes in 2018, showing a marginal increase of about 73,770 tonnes (2.1%).

What are the important features of fishery in 2019?

An important feature of the fishery in 2019 is that at national level Redtoothed trigger fish (Odonus niger) became the major resource in the harvests with its landings increasing to 2.74 lakh tonnes from 0.72 lakh tonnes in 2018.

What is National Fisheries Policy 2020 for UPSC?

It is an important topic for the UPSC exam polity and economy segments. The National Fisheries Policy 2020 has been drafted merging three existing policies, namely: Post-harvest elements have also been integrated into the draft policy.

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