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Frequently Asked Questions

What are First Republic's interest rates for CDs?

The bank’s one-year CD rate is 0.65 percent APY and the three-year APY offers up 50 1.05 percent APY. When looking at other CD terms, First Republic also falls behind: The bank requires a deposit of at least $10,000 on all CDs while several other banks require $2,000 or even $0 along with better rates.

What CDS does First Republic Bank offer for IRAs?

First Republic Bank offers the same range of CDs in its IRAs as in its non-IRA accounts, with the exception of the Liquid CD, which is not available in IRA format. First Republic Bank’s IRA CDs carry the same wide range of maturities and high minimums as the bank’s non-IRA CDs.

What is a liquid CD at First Republic Bank?

Liquid Certificates of Deposit at First Republic Bank get their name from their limited liquidity. Compared with traditional CDs, which don’t allow penalty-free withdrawals before maturity, First Republic Bank’s Liquid CDs allow penalty-free withdrawals every seven days.

Does First Republic Bank pay interest?

However, the account doesn’t pay any interest. The account is designed for First Republic Bank customers who don’t make a large number of transactions, as only eight checks are allowed to clear for free each month. After that, the bank charges $1 per transaction. However, First Republic Bank’s ATM transactions are fee-free.

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