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Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened in the first year of Brexit?

At the end of the first year of new trade terms between the UK and EU, Brexit has been most notable by the absence of drama at Britain’s borders.

How will Brexit affect the UK’s recovery?

“Recoveries are driven by optimism about the future. . . Brexit will impose chronic pessimism about the future of the UK economy,” said Paul de Grauwe, professor at the London School of Economics.

How will Brexit affect the financial sector in 2021?

Such tussles between regulators and regulated entities, rather than between the European Commission and the UK government, are where most of the financial-sector Brexit action is likely to be in 2021. They typically happen behind closed doors, and the regulators typically hold most of the cards.

Is Brexit really a minus for the UK economy?

Julian Jessop, an independent economist and fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank, did not disagree that Brexit has so far been a minus for the economy, even though he supported the UK decision to leave the EU.

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