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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial period for premium digital?

We offer a Premium Digital trial which provides full access to our content for 4 weeks. To find out more and sign up to a trial, visit our trials page. Anyone can sign up to one FT trial in any 12 month period.

How many ft trials can I sign up to?

Anyone can sign up to one FT trial in any 12 month period. Please note that we may cancel your trial immediately and without a refund should we become aware you've had more than one FT trial in any 12 month period. Was this answer helpful?

What is an an FT Group subscription?

An FT Group Subscription provides a cost-effective way to equip your teams with trusted FT content. They get intelligence that's rapid, relevant and reliable, delivered via the media and technologies that suit your business best. Request a free trial today. Full Terms & Conditions apply to all subscriptions.

How much does a standard digital subscription cost?

For Standard Digital subscriptions, you will be billed $144 per year or $16 per month unless you cancel prior to the end of your subscription period in accordance with our subscription Terms and Conditions. Discount offers for new customers only until September 8, 2019 and additional Discount Terms and Conditions apply.

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