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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable online MBA?

American Public University offers one of the most unique, affordable online MBA programs with a focus in Homeland Security Resource Allocation. Those looking for multiple concentrations from which to choose, Fort Hays State University, Oklahoma State University, and Liberty University offer many options.

Is an online MBA worth the money?

There is more to the worth of an online MBA than money. GMAC's Alumni Perspectives Survey asked 11,000 business school alumni whether they found their degree personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. 79% of alumni from full-time MBAs found their programs financially rewarding compared with 69% of alumni from professional MBAs.

Should you get a MBA Online?

5 Reasons to Get Your MBA Online Flexibility. If you're considering an online MBA, chances are you're balancing work and family responsibilities, while still keeping an eye on your future. Affordability. For the many ambitious students concerned about tuition costs, MBAs can offer great value in terms of both base cost and timeline flexibility. Access to Innovative Technologies. ... More items...

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