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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial market and how it works?

A financial market is open to the public and the price movement of the stocks, securities, and shares is also transparent and can be seen vividly in the index. The index reflects the exact, second to second, updates of the stocks and security’s position in the market.

What is capital markets?

Conversely, Capital markets are principally dominated by the involvement of stock exchange, Securities and Exchange Commission as a stock regulator, Commercial Banks and non-banking financial institutions such as insurance companies.

What is the role of financial institutions in financial markets?

Financial markets facilitate the movement of funds from those who save money to those who invest money in capital assets. Savings are distributed among investments and expenditures through securities traded in the financial markets. Financial institutions facilitate and improve the distribution of funds, money, and capital in several respects:

What is the analysis of the market?

The analysis is done observing the performance of the market that depends on the marketing of the different securities in a financial session. The performance of the market is decided as good or bad observing the price of its securities on the higher side or the lower side at the time the market closes.

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