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Frequently Asked Questions

Is filmora safe to download?

You should always download and/or purchase Filmora from the official website instead of discounted third-party sellers. In addition to being safe, it is also secure, both the software and the website as we tested. So, yes it is a completely safe and secure video editor and I highly recommend Filmora for beginners or intermediate video editors.

Is filmora 10 free?

You can free download Filmora 10 from the official website for 30 days with a trial version. In the latest update, you can now easily add motion graphics and filter effects. Just import the footage, select a template from the elements, then beautify your video with the newest filter color correction effects.

Is filmora video editor free?

Filmora Video Editor for Windows is not free, but it does offer users a full-features trial period so they can explore the platform and decide if it's suitable for them or not. While the trial period has no limitations, videos get watermarked with the brand’s banner.

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