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Frequently Asked Questions

What is copyurltofile?

copyURLToFile(URL source, File destination, int connectionTimeout, int readTimeout) Copies bytes from the URL sourceto a file destination. static void

What is the use of copycopyfile?

copyFile (File, File, CopyOption...) Copies bytes from an InputStream source to a file destination. The directories up to destination will be created if they don't already exist. destination will be overwritten if it already exists. The source stream is closed. See copyToFile (InputStream, File) for a method that does not close the input stream.

What is the use of copyinputstreamtofile?

Copies a file to a directory optionally preserving the file date. static void copyInputStreamToFile(InputStream source, File destination) Copies bytes from an InputStreamsourceto a file destination.

What is fileutilsextends? public class FileUtilsextends Object General file manipulation utilities. Facilities are provided in the following areas: writing to a file reading from a file make a directory including parent directories copying files and directories deleting files and directories converting to and from a URL

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