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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a song that has a lot of figurative language in it?

Its the language code that you have to, no pun intended, "figure out". A song that has lots of figurative language that comes to mind is "Good Bye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John. The yellow brick road is an allusion to the Wizard of Oz's trail to Oz, but he is referring to Hollywood.

What is the role of figurative language?

Figurative language plays a major role in compelling literary works. Figurative language is a contrast to literal language. Its primary purpose is to force readers to imagine or intuit what an author means with an expression or statement. Multiple literary devices and elements are commonly used in the category of figurative language.

What is the figurative language used?

Figurative language is when you use a word or phrase that does not have its normal everyday, literal meaning. Writers can use figurative language to make their work more interesting or more dramatic than literal language which simply states facts.

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