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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a musical figure or figuration?

A musical figure or figuration is the shortest phrase in music; a short succession of notes, often recurring. It may have melodic pitch, harmonic progression, and rhythmic meter. The 1964 Grove's Dictionary defines the figure as "the exact counterpart of the German 'motiv' and the French 'motif'": it produces...

What is the meaning of figuration?

Define figuration. figuration synonyms, figuration pronunciation, figuration translation, English dictionary definition of figuration. n. 1. The act of forming something into a particular shape. 2. A shape, form, or outline. 3. The act of representing with figures. 4. A figurative...

What is figurative art?

(Rhetoric) the act or an instance of representing figuratively, as by means of allegory or emblem 3. (Art Terms) a figurative or emblematic representation 4. (Art Terms) the act of decorating with a design n. 1. the act of shaping into a particular figure. 2. the resulting figure or shape: emblematic figurations of the sun and the moon.

What are the best songs with figurative language of all time?

Here are 21 of the best songs with figurative language of all time. Note how well written they are and how memorable the songs became. 1. Rain on Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande This song is not a weather report. It’s about a woman who’s unlucky in love. Teardrops are her metaphorical rain.

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