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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elias' concept offiguration?

Elias's concept of “figuration” is closely related to Pierre Bourdieu's concept of “field,” and Bourdieu also emphasizes the importance of the concept of habitus in the sense of socially structured psychological and emotional dispositions.

What is a game according to Elias?

Here is a more theoretical formulation from Elias, from "Dynamics of sports groups" in the same volume. Let us start with the concept of ‘figuration’. It has already been said that a game is the changing figuration of the players on the field. This means that the figuration is not only an aspect of the players.

What is the contribution of Elias to sociology?

Elias's other important influences in sociology include the analysis of community conflict, with his concept of an identifiable dynamic between “established” and “outsiders” (Elias 2008) which tends to recur in many social settings.

What is the court society according to Elias?

A central component of Elias's account of the civilizing process is his analysis of what he called “court society,” the ensemble of social forms which characterized the networks of individuals surrounding the exercise of power by kings and queens, princes and princesses.

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