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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tape a hockey stick?

This taping method adds a grip that is useful, especially with bulky hockey gloves. First, measure out about 24 inches of tape, but prior to cutting the tape, spin the tape roll to get a good twist all the way through. After the 24 inches are all twisted up, you will have the layer of grip. Beginning at the top of the stick, wrap the tape at ...

What is the best hockey stick grip tape?

Best Hockey Stick Grip Tape For all the professional players out there, the Lizard Skins 0.5mm Solid Hockey Stick Grip Tape is an ideal match for their sticks. This grip tape will provide you amazing comfort and you can transfer more power into your shots which will eventually result in high impact shots.

Can you use a field hockey stick in indoor hockey?

Using an outdoor field hockey stick for an indoor game can be permitted depending upon the league’s rules, but using an indoor stick for an outdoor match is not recommended. The slight differences in the pitch size, number of players, rules, and ball weight make it necessary to use sticks specifically designed for outdoor play.

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