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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fiancee mean?

The definition of a fiancée is a female engaged to be wed. An example of a fiancee is a woman who has just accepted a ring and said she'd marry. noun. 0. 0.

How do you pronounce fiancee?

The correct pronunciation of fiancée is fee-ahn-seh and not fee-ahn-say, as is often heard by English speakers. In the audio pronunciation, you will hear that the -ahn is pronounced with a nasal "n", however, it is not absolutely necessary to pronounce it this way to achieve a good standard of pronunciation.

Does fiance and fiancee pronounce the same?

Does fiance and fiancee pronounce the same? ” Fiancé and fiancée are no different from this pronunciation either. The words fiancé and fiancée are pronounced the same, and the distinction between the two terms occur in writing as opposed to spoken word. Some people pronounce fiancée with an emphasis on the two-letter “e”‘s (i.e ...

What is the difference between fiance vs fiancee?

fiancé - a man who is engaged to be married fiancée - a woman who is engaged to be married Both words are pronounced the same way, with an emphasis on the last syllable (fee-ON-say). They are also both spelled with an acute accent over the "e," indicating the /ay/ sound at the end of the word. Origins of Fiancé and Fiancée

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