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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between boyfriend and fiancee?

What Is The Difference Between Boyfriend and Fiance: A boyfriend is someone you are casually dating. You may be sleeping with him, but you're not necessarily committed to him. A fiance is someone you are engaged to and planning to marry. The main difference between these two relationships is commitment. Boyfriend:

What is the difference between fiancee and would be?

Fiance vs Would Be When a man or woman becomes engaged with a person to be married in the near future, during the period from this engagement up to marriage the couple is said to be engaged and individually, the man is said to be the fiancé of the woman while the woman is referred to as the fiancée of the man. In many parts of India, the woman introduces her fiancé as her would be husband ...

Can a fiancee be considered a spouse?

Someone who expects to be your spouse since you asked her to marry you is referred to as a fiancée. Your fiancee, whom you have married, is a partner. And you expect her to be loyal and truthful with you about everything pertaining to the two of you and your marriage.

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