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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "fiance" literally mean in English?

Fiance/fiancé - Person engaged to be wed. If you've ever been engaged, you know that the word "fiance" comes between girlfriend/boyfriend and husband/wife. Gaffe - Clumsy remark or error.

How do you spell fiance correctly?

The Correct spelling is: fiancee. Common misspellings of the word fiancee are: fiancee in french. fiancee in spanish. fiancee in german. fiancee in italian. fiancee in portuguese.

What does the name fiance mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word fiancé. Fiance (n.) A betrothed man; the man to whom one is betrothed. A man who is engaged to be married. A person engaged to be married. How to pronounce fiancé? How to say fiancé in sign language?

What is the difference between fiance vs fiancee?

• Fiancé and Fiancée are French nouns used to refer to a person who is engaged waiting to be married. • Fiancé is masculine while fiancée is feminine, which means that a man who has been engaged is referred to as fiancé, while a woman who has been engaged is called a fiancée. • After marriage,...

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