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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work while on FERS retirement disability?

If you are under age 60, you can earn income from work while also receiving disability retirement benefits; however, your disability annuity will stop if the Office of Personnel Management determines that you are able to earn an income which is close to what your earnings would be if you had continued working.

What is the FERS minimum retirement age?

You need to know your FERS MRA to find out if you are eligible for different types of FERS retirement. Your Minimum Retirement Age will range between 55 and 57, depending on the year you were born. Take a look at the list below to find your MRA for FERS Retirement…. Choose the year you were born to find your MRA.

Are you eligible for FERS retirement annuity?

Types of Retirement – Learn about the age, service requirements and considerations affecting the various types of retirement. Deferred – If you are a former Federal employee who was covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), you may be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 62 or the Minimum Retirement Age (MRA).

How to apply FERS disability retirement?

How to Apply for FERS Disability Retirement Benefits: To apply for disability retirement benefits, you must fill out two forms. These are: Form SF 3107, Application for Immediate Retirement. AND. Form SF 3112, Documentation in Support of Disability Retirement. Additionally, suppose you are under the age of 62.

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