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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FERS a qualified retirement plan?

The CSRS, FERS, and TSP annuities are considered qualified retirement plans. You can find information about computing the taxable portion of your annuity by going to IRS Publication 721 (Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits) on the Internal Revenue Service website.

Does FERS affect your Social Security benefits received?

The FULL retirement age for someone born after 1960 is 67 according to SSA. Since FERS employees pay into social security, their SS benefits aren't affected by FERS long as they weren't a CSRS transfer and they earned enough credits to be completely vested in social security.

What is the average FERS retirement?

What is the total retirement rate for FERS? The average government employee who retired in the 2016 financial year was 61.5 years old and served 26.8 years of federal service. The total monthly payment for employees who have resigned from CSRS in 2018 is $ 4,973. Retired workers under FERS have received an average monthly salary of $ 1,834.

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