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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ferry County Washington State?

Originally a part of Stevens County, Ferry County was created on February 18, 1899 and named for Governor Elisha P. Ferry, the last territorial governor and first official governor of Washington State.

Is there a burn ban in Ferry County WA?

Resolution No. 2021-18 Burn Ban; prohibits open flames in unincorporated Ferry County effective July 6, 2021 All citizens are urged to continue to use the utmost caution with any open flame. WSu ferry county extension food systems This is an unprecedented time for the Washington State food system and for each of us coping with COVID-19.

What do the data tell us about deaths from covid-19 in ferry?

Hospitalization data is a weekly average of Covid-19 patients in hospital service areas that intersect with Ferry County. The trend in deaths tends to lag weeks behind the trend in reported cases: Cases have recently increased in Ferry, which could mean a rise in deaths will follow. These are days with a reporting anomaly.

What is the Ferry County SWAC?

The Ferry County SWAC is an advisory committee appointed by the County Commissioners to provide a balanced representation of the citizen interests of the county and to advise and make recommendations on solid waste issues. Members attend 3 meetings a year. One in February, one in April and one in October.

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