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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a good fence contractor?

7 Tips for Hiring a Local Fence Company Look Beyond Fencing Companies. The company does not need to deal only with fences to be able to install your fence. ... Search Your Neighborhood. ... Obtain Multiple Estimates. ... Evaluate Complications That Affect Costs. ... Prepare For the Representative's Visit. ... Pay Attention to the Warranty. ... Ask the Representative the Right Questions. ...

What is a fencing contractor?

A fencing contractor constructs, erects, alters, or repairs all types of fences, corrals, runs, railings, cribs, game court enclosures, guard rails and barriers, playground game equipment, backstops, posts, flagpoles, and gates, excluding masonry walls.

What is a contractor silt fence?

The Standard Silt Fence is a woven monofilament fencing commonly found on any job site dealing with sand, dirt or sediment. Offering both containment and filtration, this economical fencing can control runoff in almost any location. Models: Economy: 50 gram material. Contractor: 70 gram material. DOT: 100 gram material.

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