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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the HRT stand for in FBI?

Hostage Rescue Team. The Hostage Rescue Team ( HRT) is the elite tactical unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The HRT was formed to provide a full time federal law enforcement tactical unit capability to respond to major terrorist incidents throughout the United States.

What is the history of the HRT?

History. The HRT was originally to be an augmented SWAT and counter-terrorist team, capable of handling extraordinary hostage situations, large-scale counter-terrorist operations, situations involving nuclear or biological agents, or operations that local law enforcement or the regional FBI field office were not trained or equipped to handle.

What is the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) selection process?

HRT “selectees” are distinguishable during selection only by number and the color of their clothes. FBI agents hoping to earn a spot on the Hostage Rescue Team—federal law enforcement’s lead counterterrorism tactical team—relinquish their names when they report for the grueling selection process held at Quantico, Virginia each year.

What are the capabilities of the HRT?

The HRT's capabilities are distinguished because the HRT operators (assault and sniper teams) serve full-time and train daily. The HRT has the ability "to deploy within four hours, with part or all of its personnel and resources, to any location within the United States or its territories".

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