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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FCA origin mean?

FCA is one of the most favourable term when buyer wants to have control of costs at origin and international transportation through a nominated freight forwarder.

What does FCA stand for?

FCA Stand For – FCA implies Free Carrier, presented according to global business terms in 2010. FCA is utilized for both air and ocean transaction. FCA terms of conveyance additionally can be utilized for inland developments of shipments.

Who pays for shipping FCA?

As per FCA terms, the right to finalize the carrier of goods is vested with the buyer. The seller can deliver goods to the buyer designated carrier only. Who pays transportation on FCA terms of delivery? Since the carrier is nominated by the buyer, the cost of transportation under FCA terms is paid by the buyer.

What does FCA stand for in shipping?

A brief explanation of what "Free Carrier (FCA)" means in shipping terms. This information is part of "A Basic Guide to Exporting", provided by the U.S. Commercial Service, to assist companies in exporting. Free Carrier (FCA) Refers to a named place within the country of origin of the shipment.

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