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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FCF/C mean?

F/C: Foley Catheter (medical; urinary catheter) FC: Ferrule Connector (optical connector type) FC: Full Certification: FC: Ferrum College (Ferrum, VA) FC: Fuori Campo (Italian: Out of Field) FC: Future Consumption (food and beverage industries) FC: Felician College: FC: Functional Code: FC: Feeling Close: FC: Forward Checking (Search algorithms) FC

What does FC stand for in fuel cell?

Definition. F/C. Fuel Cell (electricity) F/C. Forecast. F/C. Flight Control. F/C. Film Coated.

How does FC compare ASCII files?

When comparing ASCII files, fc uses an internal buffer (large enough to hold 100 lines) as storage. If the files are larger than the buffer, fc compares what it can load into the buffer. If fc doesn't find a match in the loaded portions of the files, it stops and displays the following message: Resynch failed. Files are too different.

What is the use of/W in FC?

When used with /w, fc ignores white space at the beginning and end of a line. Specifies the number of consecutive lines that must match following a mismatch, before fc considers the files to be resynchronized.

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