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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Faygo soft drinks made?

Faygo Beverages Inc. is a regional soft drink bottling company based in Detroit, Michigan, that distributes its products to stores in 33 states, with Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and western Pennsylvania its primary sales area. In addition to sodas, Faygo also makes non-carbonated sweetened fruit-flavored drinks and seltzer waters.

What are the flavors of Faygo soda?

Dubbed Ohana, it initially offered Punch, Mango Punch, Lemon Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Kiwi-Strawberry flavors. The following year, 1997, marked Faygo's 90th anniversary, and the company published a special recipe book in celebration that included dishes that used Faygo sodas as ingredients.

What happened to Faygo?

Regional bottlers around the United States were in serious decline (dropping from 10,000 in the 1930s to less than 2,500 in 1983), and Faygo was facing increasing marginalization in the beverage marketplace.

How did Faygo Rock&Rye get its name?

Rock & Rye, a fruity, spicy soda, took its name from the popular jazz-age drink of Rye whiskey served over a "rock" of sugar. In 1935 Faygo moved its operations to a larger bottling plant on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit. The 1940s was a decade of transition for the company.

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