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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is fate?

“Fate is a ubiquitous supernatural belief, spanning time and place,” write researchers Aaron Kay, Simone Tang, and Steven Shepherd of Duke University. “It exerts a range of positive and negative effects on health, coping, and both action and inaction.”

Does God have a fate?

It means God does not have a fate for a person. But, God arranges so many good things in a person’s life. The arranging of good things is done in so many areas of life that even if this person chooses any turn in life, he can enjoy some of these good things in his life.

What does fate or destiny mean?

First, let's understand what fate and destiny mean. Fate is the development of events beyond human control, as determined by a supernatural power. Destiny is the events that necessarily happen to a specific person or thing in the future.

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