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Frequently Asked Questions

How to decorate a farmhouse dining room?

Every farmhouse dining room must have a rustic dining table centered in the room. You can choose a rectangular table or a round one, but wood is often the best choice. After all, a farmhouse home is incomplete without a wooden touch! Be it a rolling chair, a sofa, a wooden dining table, or just a wooden photo frame.

What are the most common farmhouse dining room trends?

Another common farmhouse dining room trend is the dining bench. Instead of having chairs on one side of your dining table, consider buying a bench – cushioned or not – for extra seating. Now, keep in mind, most adults don’t want to sit on a bench for a long time so this isn’t a good choice if you live in a house of seniors and adults.

Can you put a sliding barn door in a farmhouse?

Sliding barn doors are a huge interior trend in farmhouse homes. The dining room is a great place to install a sliding barn door so you can seal off this part of the room from the rest of the house. You may want to have a way to seal off the dining room from the kitchen so people don’t see you cooking.

What type of lighting is best for a farmhouse home?

Most people like to go with a farmhouse style chandelier for their dining room which could be made of metal or wood. Sometimes industrial style lighting is used in farmhouse homes, as this decorative style is often associated with the country vibe. Sliding barn doors are a huge interior trend in farmhouse homes.

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