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Frequently Asked Questions

How many downloads are there in the Farlanders mods?

The Farlanders Mods 1,178,874 DownloadsLast Updated: May 2, 2021Game Version: 1.16.5 Download Description Files Images Issues

How do you trade with Farlanders?

To trade with Farlanders, right-click them, and a trade menu will appear. To trade endumiums crystals with Farlanders, the player must place them into the trading menu’s left slot in the amount requested above the slot. The player can then take the resulting item from the right slot. The Farlanders are a peaceful race.

Are the Farlanders peaceful?

The Farlanders are a peaceful race. Like the villagers , they trade various items for the price of Endumium Crystals and vice versa. To locate a Farlander the player needs to find one of the generated Farlander Houses or a Farlander Village (pretty much like the Villagers). The Elder Farlanders are a peaceful race.

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