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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ferland Corporation?

Ferland Corporation provides an exceptional apartment living experience through professional management services. Our core value is to improve the customer experience by offering quality apartments, meaningful services and amenities in desirable locations.

Who owns Farland surveying & engineering?

FARLAND CORPORATION, INC. It all began in October of 2008 when Christian A. Farland, P.E., purchased Thompson Surveying and Engineering which was located in Marion, MA. The company was originally started by Arthur C. Thompson, P.E., and P.L.S. in 1952 as Thompson Surveying and Engineering.

Who is Thompson Farland?

Along with the purchase, the company was renamed Thompson Farland, Inc. (TFI) Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and moved to New Bedford, the hometown of Mr. Farland. Mr. Farland is a lifelong resident of New Bedford and an active member of the community.

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