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Frequently Asked Questions

Does familiarity breed liking or contempt?

So, whether familiarity leads to liking or contempt crucially depends on our motivation. All that aside, Norton’s finding that familiarity can breed contempt—although it may not be a universal truth—still provides a healthy rejoinder to the standard psych textbook approach that mere exposure leads to liking.

What does Popularity Breeds Contempt mean?

Familiarity breeds contempt is an old adage that means the better you know someone or something, the more likely you are to find fault with that person or thing and feel hostility or hatred towards them or it, or to begin devaluing them or it.

Does familiarity breed respect?

Familiarity breeds respect, and in a sense, it creates friends of nameless birds, trees, flowers or insects. A friend is not a generic person but a person you recognize as unique, you know their particular history, their preferences and the relationships they have with other friends and their community.

What does complacency breeds contempt mean?

Feb 26, 2009 complacency breeds contempt mean ChaCha Answer: Complacency breeds contempt means people become unhappy with doing the sam. I am sure that you have heard the saying "Familiarity breeds contempt" and The greatest danger of familiarity however is that it leads to complacency in our.

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