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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Fame in FFXI?

In FFXI, gaining fame will open up many possibilities that wouldn't be there otherwise. As your fame increases, other quests become available that were not accessible at lower levels of fame.

Who is the author of the FFXI Fame guide?

This guide is maintained and primarily written by Matthew Bramblet, player of Cuer on the Fairy FFXI server. The original translated fame message list and leveling information came from the Bilingual FFXI Website and has gone through numerous iterations as it traveled around the net.

What is fame and how does it work?

Fame is a term used to describe how well your character is "known" in a nation or area. Fame is broken down in levels per area, and affects the prices with NPCs offer for both buying and selling items, as well as open up new quests which were previously unavailable.

What happens when you reach fame level 6?

After achieving a fame level of 6, the only benefit of increased fame is seen in NPC buy and sell prices and the response of the fame checker, as no quest has a fame requirement higher than level 6. Certain areas have fame that raises based on quests that you do elsewhere.

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