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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fame?

FAME offers a variety of innovative, flexible solutions that address the needs of Maine individuals and companies in a changing economic landscape. With a core competency in finance and a highly experienced staff, FAME is the place to turn to for resources that build success. See how FAME works for Hartt Transportation in Bangor.

What is the movie Fame about?

Fame (1980) A chronicle of the lives of several teenagers who attend a New York high school for students gifted in the performing arts.

What happened to 'fame'?

The series was then renewed for first-run syndication, and four additional seasons were produced. Returning cast members from the film included Lee Curreri, Albert Hague, Gene Anthony Ray and Debbie Allen. The show's popularity, particularly in the United Kingdom, led to the formation of a music group, The Kids from "Fame".

What awards did fame get?

The film received several awards and nominations, including two Academy Awards for Best Original Song (" Fame ") and Best Original Score, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song ("Fame"). Its success spawned a media franchise encompassing several television series, stage musicals and a remake released in 2009.

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