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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the calendar in Fairyland?

This year's calendar also puts some Fairylights up in your Garden, which start out unlit. Then when you successfully spot each day's wildlife, it will light up a pair of the Fairylights (so 1 pair per day.) Finally, when your calendar is finished, your lights will animate :) Fairyland's Holiday Calendar Is Back!

Is fairylights on Fairyland's holiday calendar?

Fairyland's Holiday Calendar Is Back... With New Fairylights! Fairyland's Holiday Calendar is back, this year with a new Fairylights addition! along with some festive favourites from previous years making a comeback in case you missed them. Introduced December 2018 - New: Fairylights!

How difficult is it to attract rare wildlife in Fairyland?

Gives you an idea of whether this type of wildlife is common or rare in Fairyland, and therefore how difficult it is to attract. Even if you have all the right plants/food in your Garden, it may still take a few attempts to attract the rare ones, and even more attempts to actually spot them!

What's hiding behind the calendar door in Fairyland?

Each day throughout December, open the calendar door and behind it will be hiding one of the Fairyland Winter Wildlife. every one you spot will drop a lovely new pot for you as a gift!

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