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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bible say about Fairest Lord Jesus?

Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all nature, O Thou of God and man the Son, Thee will I cherish, Thee will I honor, Thou, my soul's glory, joy and crown. Fair are the meadows, fairer still the woodlands, Robed in the blooming garb of spring; Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer, Who makes the woeful heart to sing.

Who wrote Fairest Lord Jesus-original song full text?

Fairest Lord Jesus lyrics by Passion - original song full text. Official Fairest Lord Jesus lyrics, 2022 version | To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain".

What is the tune to the Fairest Lord Jesus?

Though it is not the original tune for this text, SCHÖNSTER HERR JESU has been associated with “Fairest Lord Jesus” since both appeared in Fallersleben's and Richter's Schlesische Volkslieder in 1842. This tune has the flexibility to be sung with a gentle mood or a powerful one, depending on the accompanying instruments and their volume.

Is Jesus fairer than all the angels heaven can boast?

Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer, Who makes the woeful heart to sing. Fair is the sunshine, Fairer still the moonlight, And all the twinkling starry host; Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer. Than all the angels heaven can boast.

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