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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the faire wholesale website?

Faire’s website is 100% more user-friendly and better designed than other wholesale sites.” “Faire makes things way simpler. We’ve migrated a number of our producers to the platform and discovered a bunch of new brands that are a great fit for our store.” “If you aren’t using Faire, you’re missing a great opportunity.

What is the difference between wholesale in a box and fair?

Most concretely, Wholesale In a Box is a tool that helps makers take wholesale outreach into their own hands. Faire is a wholesale marketplace. That means that Wholesale In a Box is a more active approach -- that doesn’t work unless you work the system -- while Faire is more passive, and may land you orders without any effort on your part.

How much Commission does fairfaire make on their products?

FAIRE collects 15-25% commission from Makers/Suppliers. They also offer an Insider subscription program to brick and mortar businesses. Insider is Faire’s exclusive subscription program with free freight — the more you buy, the more you save!

How do I make sure faire commissions will work?

1 Make sure Faire commissions will work for your business and products. ... 2 Consider Faire in the context of your overall business and wholesale strategy -- not as a “one stop shop” for wholesale. ... 3 Be strategic about how you use Faire. ... 4 Consider Faire as one marketplace option of several. ...

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