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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose faire wholesale?

Free returns on all opening orders. “I love Faire because I don’t have to go to trade shows. Faire’s website is 100% more user-friendly and better designed than other wholesale sites.” “If you aren’t using Faire, you’re missing a great opportunity.

How long have you been selling on faire?

The majority of respondents have been selling on Faire for less than three months (39%). Another 34% have been on the wholesale marketplace for between 3-6 months, and just 3% have been on Faire for eighteen months or more. I asked those who completed the survey two key questions…

What is our mission at faire?

Our mission is to empower independent entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. By simplifying the wholesale buying process and bringing together independent brands and retailers from around the world, we strive to level the playing field for small businesses everywhere. “Faire’s first online trade show could show how an online version could work.”

How much does it cost to use faire?

There’s never any cost when you use Faire with your existing customers. You’ll only pay commission on new accounts who find your brand through our marketplace—25% on opening orders, 15% on reorders. How do order fulfillment and shipping work?

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