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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tuition management?

FACTS Tuition Management expands the payment opportunities for your families and simplifies payment tracking and management for you. It’s a flexible tuition and billing tool to help you manage finances and project cash flow. In a single package, it offers sustainability for schools and affordability for families.

What services does facts offer?

FACTS offers a comprehensive suite of services including tuition management, a student information system, payment processing, financial needs assessment, admissions/enrollment solutions, a fundraising platform, professional development, coaching, instructional services, and title funding consultation.

What is tuition management and grant & aid assessment?

This includes Tuition Management, which improves a school’s financial management experience, and Grant & Aid Assessment, which provides secure financial aid assessment and awarding. We help attract prospective families by connecting admissions, enrollment, and marketing efforts.

What is Blackbaud's tuition management solution?

Blackbaud’s solution for tuition management delivers the best of both worlds with dedicated support and professional late payment follow-up at no extra cost to your organization. It helps create an exceptional user experience, while ensuring that you have the resources you need for effective, sustainable operations.

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