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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Mayan gods look like?

Kukulkan - Kukulkan was a powerful snake god whose name means "feathered serpent". He was the primary god of the Itza people in the latter part of the Maya civilization. He is often drawn to look like a dragon. Bolon Tzacab - Also known by the name Huracan (similar to our word for hurricane), Bolon Tzacab was the god of storms, wind, and fire.

Who were the Maya gods?

The most common forms of the deities were animals, plants, and humanoids. Some of the main Mayan gods were Hunab Ku, Chaac (god of rain), Itzamná (wisdom), Pawahtún (loader of the cosmos), Ixchel (love), Kinich Ahau (sun), Yum Kaax (maize) or Kauil (from fire). The Mayans worshiped more than 250 gods.

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