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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of football in Belgium?

When it comes to the history of football, Belgium is the first mainland European country who played an association football match. The first officially represent Belgium’s International football team since the maiden match in 1904. As of 2015 October, they luckily got qualified in 12 FIFA World Cups and 5 UEFA European Championships.

Who is the Belgian national football team?

The Belgian national football team has officially represented Belgium in international football since their maiden match in 1904. The squad is under the global jurisdiction of FIFA and is governed in Europe by UEFA—both of which were co-founded by the Belgian team's supervising body, the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA).

When did Belgium play in the FIFA World Cup?

The Belgium football team played their first FIFA World Cup in 1930, where they were drawn into Group A with Yugoslavia, Paraguay, and Romania. Luckily, they managed to get a point from the match against Yugoslavia, but lost the other two matches and were eliminated.

How many times has Belgium won a match?

As of 14 July 2018, the complete official match record of the Belgian national team comprises 768 matches: 324 wins, 164 draws and 280 losses. During these matches, the team scored 1,337 times and conceded 1,246 goals. Belgium's highest winning margin is nine goals, which has been achieved on three occasions:...

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