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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of facies?

A facies is usually further subdivided, for example, one might refer to a "tan, cross-bedded oolitic limestone facies" or a "shale facies". The characteristics of the rock unit come from the depositional environment and from the original composition.

What is the meaning of facies?

1 : general appearance a plant species with a particularly distinct facies 2 : an appearance and expression of the face characteristic of a particular condition especially when abnormal adenoid facies 3 : a part of a rock or group of rocks that differs from the whole formation (as in composition, age, or fossil content) First Known Use of facies

What are palynofacies and facies?

For example, characteristic associations of organic microfossils, and particulate organic material, in rocks or sediments, are called palynofacies. Discrete seismic units are similarly referred to as seismic facies.

Is it facetious or facetiousness?

Facetious is an adjective ("not serious," "waggish"), while facetiousness is a noun ("the state or quality of being facetious"). The adverb form is facetiously. The portrait is good, the prose embroidered here with the facetious parlance—is that the word?—of clubs.

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