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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the F150 so popular?

WHY ARE FORD F-150's SO POPULAR? The Anticipation Surrounding a New Release -. The F-150 now looks more luxurious than ever - a long way away from the blue-collar truck it started out as. Great Mileage When Tested Against Competitors -. ... It Works Like It's Supposed To -. ...

What does F-150 stand for?

According to Consumer Guide, because ‘F’ stands for ‘Ford’. What does f150 mean? Most trucks offered three payload capacities: a half-ton (1,000 pounds), three-quarters of a ton (1,500 pounds) and one full ton (2,000 pounds).

What is the best motor oil for a F150?

Best Synthetic Oil for Ford F150 Castrol EDGE 5W-20 Motorcraft Semi-Synthetic 5W-30 Havoline High Mileage Gasoline 5W-30 Valvoline Advanced 5W-20 Royal Purple 5W-30 Mobil 1 5W-30 Shell T5 Rotella Diesel 15W-40 Castrol GTX 06440 Gasoline 5W-30

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