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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EyeMed insurance?

EyeMed is a major U.S. vision benefits company that serves 46 million members. EyeMed members can choose from as many as 87,500 eye care providers nationwide to obtain their vision care and eyewear benefits, according to the company's website. How much money can I save with EyeMed?

Does eyeeyemed work with other health care providers?

EyeMed has relationships with other health care and ancillary benefits carriers, as well. Not all providers participate on these networks, so verify your network participation before servicing members.

How do I contact EyeMed customer service?

Or for EyeMed Individual sales and service only call 844-225-3107. Already a member through your employer? Call 1-866-939-3633. Employers contact your account manager.

Why EyeMed?

Why EyeMed? Vision care is your calling, and it’s ours, too. Providers should receive the same everyday amazing service you've come to expect from EyeMed, even under these challenging circumstances.

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